Orthodontic Micro-Implants by BMK

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Attention: miniscrews not for MSE


BMK orthodontic miniscrews feature a compact and simple design that avoids damage to the roots and bone, while ensuring excellent aesthetics due to reduced exposure in the oral cavity. Furthermore, insertion of the miniscrews is easy, safe and precise thanks to the flat head which reduces contamination and foreign body sensation in the mouth.

BMK orthodontic miniscrews are thin yet strong, thanks to their high torsional strength and precise manufacturing. The tip is sharp and strong, to ensure greater reliability. Finally, all types of miniscrews are self-drilling and self-tapping, eliminating the need of a pilot drill or tap.

The ACR (Aesthetics Comfort and Reliability) orthodontic micro-implants by BMK offer optimal aesthetics thanks to the plateau head, while ensuring easy, safe and precise insertion.

The Mplant orthodontic micro-implants by BMK are particularly useful in case of bone with low bone or poor quality, providing a solid anchorage. Thanks to the double-threaded conical part of the neck, the Mplant miniscrews guarantee stable and secure fixation at the level of the cortical bone, with the possibility of oblique insertion to adapt to different dental situations. Additionally, the apical threaded shaft of the Mplant miniscrews allows for easy insertion with low torque, making this option quick and easy.

For optimal use of BMK orthodontic miniscrews, accessories and equipment are available that ensure correct fixation in different clinical situations.


The right Miniscrew for each site

1 Upper buccal area
2 Upper anterior area
3 Lower buccal area
4 Lower anterior area